My GP Offer | 9Tk 1GB 11Tk 1GB (সবাই পাবে)

If you’re looking for My GP Offer, you’ve come to the right site. Grameenphone ltd is Bangladesh’s number one Telecom firm, and its short name is (GP). You can obtain a GP Internet offer of 1GB 11 tk

If you’re a Grameenphone user, there’s excellent news. For their users, they ran a campaign. This deal is available if you read this article. 11 tk GP 1GB Internet.

Grameenphone has recently launched a big internet offer for all GP prepaid users; this is a new internet service from GP, and we think it will be a terrific supplier for you.


GP My Offer

My GP Offer 9Tk 1GB 11Tk 1GB

Exceptional online bundles with wonderful pricing and savings, as well as incredible bargains adapted to your specific need. When clients see this deal, they’ll be overjoyed.

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If you have a Grameenphone SIM card, check out GP My Offer to see available offers. You can now get GP Internet Offer to follow this sample content migration that we’ve included in the GP my Offer specifications. Is it necessary for you to read the material?

How To Check My Gp Offer

Step 1: Dial *121*3544# or visit this website.

Step 2: After you’ve opened the link, you’ll see a number type box. Type in your GP number in this box, then right-click on CHECK YOUR OFFER.

Step 3: Please wait a few seconds; you will receive a message regarding your offer and instructions on how to activate it after a few seconds.

The Terms And Conditions Of This Offer

  • Only prepaid clients will be able to take advantage of this offer from Gramophone.
  • When Grameenphone deems it necessary, the promotion will be terminated.
  • The unused portion of the Internet will not be utilized.
  • Dial *121*1*4# to check your remaining internet data. Dial *121*3041# 1GB for a 7-day offer at 9Tk/11Tk to deactivate/cancel your internet deal.
  • This promotion/ offer is not valid for Skitto subscribers.
  • According to the offer terms and conditions, a maximum of 244 Tk (including VAT & SD) Customers will be charged Tk 1.22/1 MB (including SD+VAT+SC) until the offer expires.


Q: How can I see my GP offers?

A: Details of the offer:

To check your balance, dial *566#, and to get a bonus, dial *121*12*2#.

Q: How can I buy 2GB in GP?

A: Internet Pack of 2 GB

All GP clients are eligible for this offer (Except Skitto) To check your internet balance, dial *121*1*4#.

Q: How can I change my GP SIM package?

A: Customers must dial *121*1*6# to migrate. Each migration has a one-day validity period. “GP-Any local operator” refers to just domestic network calls (GP-other mobile operators, GP-PSTN, and GP-IPTSP), not shortcode calls. The package’s other costs will remain the same.

Final Words

Finally, thank you for visiting the My GP Offer page of this website, and sticking with us for such a long period. If you have any questions or concerns about this deal, please leave a comment in the box. We will respond as quickly as possible with an accurate response.

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